Listomania – what do we talk about over the intercom??

in Listomania by on August 16th, 2010

Most of the time, we have no one else to talk to during our rides but each other. Given how much we have ridden, just what do we yabber on about all day??

  1. Instructions from MJo for Sabby to take photos
  2. Sabby’s random food thoughts
  3. MJo asking for Benzin
  4. Plans for a relaxing beach holiday in Koh Samui (we will need a vacation after this so-called vacation!)
  5. Economic and geopolitical thoughts about the countries we are traveling through
  6. Sabby’s random food thoughts again
  7. Figuring out directions
  8. MJo asking for Benzin again
  9. Past experiences in our lives
  10. Plans for future trips
  11. Last and probably most importantly, where will we be staying tonight?
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Listomania – newly developed quirks

in Listomania by on August 15th, 2010

Being on the road for a while, often with no one else around but us, can be boring sometimes.  On some rare (luckily!) occasions, we even get bored of each other’s conversation over the intercom while riding.  It is not surprising then that we have both developed some strange quirks/obsessions.  Here is a list of our newly-developed obsessions.


  1. Hardware stores – there is always one more nut, bolt or motorcycle spare part we can take along with us
  2. Afghan villages – he is compelled to take photos of every Afghan village we pass and the various donkeys that seem to be the preferred mode of transport
  3. Lithium batteries – the Spot needs lithium batteries which don’t seem to exist outside of the Western world, MJo lives in hope of finding them and visits battery vendors wherever we are to try his luck
  4. Benzin – as there is no petrol sold in regular petrol stations anywhere for the past 1,200km, he sees in every water seller a potential source of “private benzin” (the only way to get it in Uzbekistan) and tends to shout “benzin, benzin?” as we drive by


  1. Melons – she loves watermelons and gets excited everytime she sees a watermelon-seller by the road (which is about every 10m in Uzbekistan) although sadly there is no space on the AT for any melons
  2. Trucks – she is now an expert in “truck-spotting” and is able to identify trucks of various national origins
  3. Chinese road construction crews – for her, Chinese road construction crews = tarmac roads = smooth ride; she also takes photos of retaining walls built by them as evidence of their superior craftsmanship
  4. Weight – concerned about the effect of weight (bike + luggage) on fuel consumption as well as bike falls, she constantly tries to get MJo to throw the 3 litres of engine oil (amongst other things) we have lugged along with us
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