Touratech Travel Event 20 June 2010

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Touratech Travel Event 20 June 2010

We attended Touratech’s annual travel event open house weekend on 20 June 2010. A world leader in customized motorcycle parts and almost a destination in itself. Hundreds of bikes from all over Europe attended and the sheer sight of that many bikes was a feast for the eye.

I wanted to get a bit deeper into the GPS navigation subject so we attended two workshops, which outlined the latest technology changes for touring navigation. It is quite amazing what Touratech’s newest software release (TTQV 5) is able to do. One can now scan regular fold out maps, and have the software translate it into latitude and longtitude data, thus enabling the enduser to use practically any old map (these could be hiking, trekking or just regular road maps) for importing and then navigating via one’s own GPS.  Unfortunately the release will be too late for our trip, so we are still using (for the more remote areas of China and central Asia) the good old fold out maps.

Bike and bike enthusiasts

Bikes and bike enthusiasts from all over in attendance

The event also made for some very interesting exchanges with fellow bikers on every issue from maintenance to on the road repairs.

touratech workshop

A glimpse into the Touratech workshop where it all happens

Cooking pannier

Some very cool gear including this pannier which opens up to become a kitchen on the road

MJo and Sabby at Touratech

And that's us at the Touratech event!

A few Bratwursts later, we headed back home.

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